|| The Modern Gentleman ||

|| The Modern Gentleman ||

The sad reality is most people don’t read. But to put it simply, if you are an adult (anyone over the age of 18), and you don’t read, you need to start. It doesn’t matter what you read, just read something. If you do, I guarantee the only consequence will be that your life improves. 

The thing is, once you enter adulthood, it’s no longer cool to think reading is dumb. That mentality is reserved for children and people you shouldn’t be friends with. That’s just the harsh reality of it, and if you feel that way you have a lot of work to do on yourslef. Don’t get me wrong, there is a big difference between not liking to read and thinking reading is stupid. While most people may not like to read, I guarantee you the vast majority of them will still tell you it is a worthwhile activity. It’s just something most people don’t like to do, but the goal here is to not be like most people. Odds are you will like it, you just need to find what you’re interested in. But, if for some reason, after trying absolutely every genre you still don’t like reading, do it anyway. Seriously, you will be better off for it. When people hear someone say “I don’t read”, they automatically assume you are less intelligent. You drop socially in their eyes. And you know what, they are probably right in thinking that. And don’t give some excuse like “I just don’t have the time”. Everyone is busy, you are not some anomaly; some overworked exception. If you watch TV for more than four hours a week then you have time to read. 

When you start reading you open yourself up to so many new opportunities to grow as a person. Likewise, when you cut that out of your life, you are suddenly limited to only what you yourself and the people around you can think. Reading gives you the amazing gift of being able to learn something new or see something familiar from someone else’s point of view. I promise, no matter what brilliant idea you have, there is someone else out there who has had the same thought and has already articulated it better on paper. So don’t you think you owe it to yourself to hear what they have to say? You should want to learn, and you should want to open yourself up to those new ideas. It can be about anything, that what makes it so amazing and so beautiful. Think of any topic you can imagine and there is a book out there about it. No matter who you are, what you do, or what you are interested in, a better you is always just one-hundred pages away. 

Beyond learning, books also open you up to worlds and ways of thinking you could never have imagined. There’s a reason people always say the book is better. They take all of those stories you love and immerse you in them beyond you’re wildest dreams. The greatest love story with the worlds bravest hero is out there, and while with a movie you get a front row seat, with the book you actually get to be there. You are part of the journey. And when you experience those stories, when you go on those journeys, weather you are conscious of it or not, you are growing. You are becoming a more cultured and interesting person. That’s what great writers do; they challenge you. They make you feel and think, while at the same time entertaining.

It really is an experience unlike any other, and ultimately that’s why you should read. It simply gives you a little more substance. Even if you don’t like the book or agree with it,  you still learned something and through that you became a little more interesting of a person.  Trust me, it’s worth it and there is just so much out there. If you aren’t sure where to start, I recommend going though good reads 100 books to read before you die. It is a large list and should keep you occupied for quite a while, but I’v done a few 100 book lists and good reads is in my opinion by far the best. But if you don’t wan’t to tackle a whole list because a hundred books sound too daunting, then to start just choose one. Find your favorite book and re-read even. Just make the commitment and start. The world is filled with plenty of average people content with staying the same, and it doesn’t need another. So do yourself and the world a favor and pick up a book. You’ll be happy you did.


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