|| The Modern Gentleman ||

|| The Modern Gentleman ||

While I believe as a man you should like whatever you want, who cares what anyone says. I also believe that, as a man, there a few things you should make an effort to like even if at first you don’t really like them. Whisky is one of them.

Simply put, whisky is manly. Maybe there shouldn’t be stigmas around what constitutes a manly drink and what doesn’t, but you’re either lying or stupid if you think they don’t exist. And no amount of social preaching is going to make that go away. Plus, nobody wants to be that guy who is at the bar and can’t take a shot of Jameson because he can’t stomach it or doesn’t like the burn. No one may say it out loud, but deep down they’re judging you. You’re friends deserve better, and you should want to be better. You don’t even have to like it, but at least learn to fake it.

Beyond being a manly drink, I personally think whisky is one of the more refined drinks you can have. It’s undeniable that a man in a suit automatically gets better looking with a glass of whisky in his hand. It just gives you an attractive air. It says your serious and distinguished, but at the same time aren’t afraid to get your hands a little dirty. It’s just a sexy drink, ruggedly high class. If you don’t believe me, next time your out and you see a girl at the bar, go sit next to her, order a scotch straight up, and see if anything happens.

All joking aside, one of the main reasons you should try to like whisky is to at least know a little bit about it. Odds are your friends drink it, and as stated above, nobody wants to come across as a little bitch. But beyond that, there will be situations where you and your friends are hanging out and someone breaks out a nice bottle of whisky, maybe some cigars, and everyone will start talking about their favorites. It is in these situations that you still want to feel a part of the group. First off, if they know you don’t like whisky, they probably won’t even offer you any because their is no reason to waste good whisky on someone who isn’t going to appreciate it. Any man will happily share a dram with another man who is looking to get into it or wants to like it. In fact, its almost a point of pride to share your whisky with your friends, it just tastes better that way and is probably one the best ways for guys to bond. But it’s a sacred drink, and if you make it know you don’t like it, then hopefully you brought your own shit.

Just knowing the basics can save you so much trouble. I’v seen friendships end because someone mixed a mans Blantons in with some coke. And rightfully so. If you do that shit, you don’t deserve to have friends. You may think I’m joking but I’m not. People don’t forget. If you’re that guy and you’re reading this, fuck you. We all still remember.

But in all seriousness, it is just such a great way to bond with your friends and look good while you casually drink. It works at home to relax or at bars and parties. I promise you, the more you drink it the more you will like it. It’s an acquired taste. At first you may think it smells and tastes like gasoline, but you probably felt the same way about beer and coffee at one point in your life. Just stick with it, talk with your friends who like it. They will tell you the right ones to start with and you will honestly become closer in the process. They will like sharing it with you and you will be a happier better man in the long run for it. And that’s not an opinion, that’s just a fact.

Happy Drinking!

Top Whiskys I Recommend

Glenlivet 12 year



Talisker (my personal favorite)


Eagle Rare


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